Thursday, 17 November 2011

Standard Quay

This is from a while ago...anyway around May I did a project at Faversham's Standard Quay - a cracking place in Kent noted as a sort of home for the Thames Sailing Barge. Anyway, being a semi-public place, I parked myself down in the freezing February weather and sketched until my hands stopped functioning a few times a week. It's quite funny how the United Kingdom has a peculiar kind of beauty when under a freezing overcast sky and bare trees.

With thanks to a certain Basil Brambleby, I was able to gain access to the partially restored Sailing Barge Cambria, and some of the surrounding old shipwright houses. Here's some useful links that helped me with my little project:

Jon Henley's excellent introduction to the Quay in his article in The Guardian

A more politically-minded version of the Standard Quay website

Richard Fleury and Simon Clay's documentary about the future of the Quay

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