Monday, 13 December 2010

V & A Student Illustration Awards 2011.

Here's my entry, so here's hoping!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Ian and Callum's Anamatic. from Callum Jackson on Vimeo.

Right now, I've not long started my animation elective (second year running!) which this year has the brief title of 'Hybridity'.

I'm working on this one with Ian (remember him? and we're 'responding', as they say in the art world, by exploring food. We're running with the idea of the English breakfast not being so English - a form of cultural hybridity. Anyway, this is the working anamatic.

Seven Champions Poster

When the Champs asked me to knock up a poster, I took the opportunity to rip off some of the beautiful 70's/80's style film posters kicking around. This also demanded that I practice my digital painting, too. Hoping an improved one will be made soon!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Stories Unfolding Part 2.

Right, I think I'm getting organised. Anyway, here's the second half of the Stories Unfolding project, finished late November 2010. I joined the Seven Champions Molly Dancers as a residential illustrator. The second lump of the project had me gunning down these themes:

- Costume of Morris Dancers (very interesting and colourful)
- Patterns (these were based on illustrated dance figures - quite complicated-looking)
- Poverty (which moved the workers to create Molly Dancing as a source of income on 19th Century East Anglia)
- Colour! (I said I do this - lots of paint-only drawings where I banned the pencil!)
- Print (We have some of the best print rooms in the country at the uni and I'll be damned if those lino presses and screen tables will lie idle)
- The Champs themselves (a stout bunch of chaps, pretty serious dancers too!)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010