Friday, 10 December 2010

Stories Unfolding Part 2.

Right, I think I'm getting organised. Anyway, here's the second half of the Stories Unfolding project, finished late November 2010. I joined the Seven Champions Molly Dancers as a residential illustrator. The second lump of the project had me gunning down these themes:

- Costume of Morris Dancers (very interesting and colourful)
- Patterns (these were based on illustrated dance figures - quite complicated-looking)
- Poverty (which moved the workers to create Molly Dancing as a source of income on 19th Century East Anglia)
- Colour! (I said I do this - lots of paint-only drawings where I banned the pencil!)
- Print (We have some of the best print rooms in the country at the uni and I'll be damned if those lino presses and screen tables will lie idle)
- The Champs themselves (a stout bunch of chaps, pretty serious dancers too!)

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