Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Seven Champions, Part 1

This year's first project: we have to join, follow or work alongside a organisation, business or group within Kent. I was lucky enough to have a Molly Dancing group, The Seven Champions, allow me to join their group as bad dancer, unskilled fiddle player and resident artist.

Molly Dancing is a recently revived form of tradition English Morris dance, originally conducted on Plough Monday by East Anglian ploughboys, who were out of work and went around entertaining (I say more intimidating) locals for money. This fine heritage of disguise, fighting and tearing up people's lawns with ploughs has been rightly revived by several sides in Kent, of which The Seven Champions are pivotal in the continuation and development of Molly Dancing.

Since we're not really far in this project, I'm not sure where this is going yet. However, I'm enjoying painting with vivid colours, and have discovered chalk painting. So it should be colourful. Animation? Printmaking? Maybe I should make a book.

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