Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Marks and Meaning (Part 1)

'Marks and Meaning' was the formal name for our last project, the Maidstone Project. This project had two halves really; the first was experimental and observational drawings within and around the town, and the second was applying those techniques to print processes. Here's a small selection of the first half, culled from two of my sketchbooks (A3 Landscape/10"x10" square sketchbook.) For most of the start of this project I drew alongside the frustratingly talented Mr Ian O'Shea( in the intense cold, which is bound to knock anyone down a few pegs. Eventually, though, we split up; he pursued his Victoriana and I followed NATURE!

If you're interested, much of what I worked on this project was trying to improve my charcoal and watercolour skills. Me and Ian were lucky to be able to gain access to the gigantic All Saint's Church in the centre, which isn't usually open to the public, and should really be called a Cathedral. Eventually I followed the elusive River Len which snakes underneath the town up to Mote Park. Straight up, I don't have access to an A3 scanner now I'm back home, so I can't get up the second part of this project for a while yet. Ah well.

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