Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Christmas Project.

"Um, it's very, er, experimental Callum".

Over the 3 weeks we have off for Christmas, we were all given a reasonable-sized A5 sketchbook and were told to fill it. We were given two random photos in which we had to create a loose narrative thread which joined them. I decided to make it stupidly hard for myself by only using observational drawings and to make sure no 2 pages had the same combination of materials. My story is basically my journey 'homes' to Leicestershire, Hartlepool, Newark and others, explaining the trains. I was also lucky to be able to go on my good friend Chris Well's Radio show, DEMON FM, hooray! And as for the churches, I just like them.

Tune into Chris' shows on the live feed on Wednesday lunchtimes and I think Fridays too:

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